"We have been taking private Pilates classes with Kamal as a couple for 6 weeks. Like many working parents of young children, we are so tightly scheduled with family obligations that we have lost the time to look after our own physical fitness. Combining the lack of exercise with declining fitness due to age, we were trending downwards with our physical health. Our time with Kamal has turned the pendulum the other way. After only 6 weeks, we are already feeling the benefits of Kamal’s Pilates training sessions. Kamal couldn’t be more flexible and accommodating with time and location to make sure our sessions take place. She is detailed, clear and firm with her instructions and demonstrations. She is kind yet firm in ensuring the proper execution of the exercises. She is very careful to take into account injuries and aggravations and modifies her exercises accordingly. She encourages feedback and incorporates it where warranted. Kamal is passionate about her profession and is keen to see improvement in her students. We could not be happier with our experience with Kamal and would recommend her private sessions as a cost-efficient way for busy couples to attend to their fitness and spend time together."
- Alice, Toronto Beaches

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