What is Pilates?

Pilates is mindful exercise designed to stretch,
strengthen, and balance the body. It has proven
itself invaluable not only as a fitness tool, but also
as an important adjunct to professional sports
training and post-rehabilitation practices. Because it
is gentle on the joints, it is adaptable to various body
types, injuries and limitations.

It was originally created in the early 1900s by Joseph Pilates to improve his health and those of W.W.I hospital patients. Although other tools exist, there are four main pieces of equipment used in Pilates and they are mats, reformers, cadillacs and Stability chairs. The Pilates equipment uses the resistance of springs to create effort. Matwork often uses props like balls and bands to mimic that resistance.

Practiced faithfully, Pilates yields numerous benefits:

Increased lung capacity and circulation through deep breathing

Increased strength, particularly of the abs and back muscles

Improved flexibility

Increased coordination

Better posture

Improved balance

Increased Core strength

Maintainence of bone density

Improved joint mobiliity

Positive body awareness.

"I really enjoy and love doing Pilates with Kaur Pilates. The best thing about Kamal is her flexibility. She can teach us whatever we want to concentrate on the day or week. When I want to work on my thighs, she integrates targetted Pirates exercises to enhance effectiveness. She always says ’listen to your body, do whatever available for you today.’ is also one of her qualities of flexibility, which we can feel totally relaxed."
- Rebecca, Toronto

Pilates may sound complicated, but with our appoach to guiding you to unlock its potential, everyone can benefit!

Key stteps to Stand tall, develop your Core Strength and maintain a Pain Free Back:

  Achieve a balanced posture
  Enhance your body awareness
  Gain core strength
  Stand Tall

"Doing Pilates with Kamal is very motivating. She is excellent at assessing individual strengths and weaknesses, and customizing the workout plan to push my body's limits. While working with Kamal I noticed a considerable change in my core strength, even after just a few sessions. Her approach is holistic, addressing all aspects of well being: nutrition, life balance, and of course Pilates techniques. She is friendly, warm, strong yet very gentle; and very flexible in accommodating my busy schedule! I recommend her workouts as a great way to manage the stress of every day life!"
- Nancy Hill, Toronto Beaches