Kamal Gill - Founder, Kaur Pilates

Kamal founded Kaur Pilates with the
belief that everyone should enjoy the
benefits of Pilates.

She is a STOTT PILATES® Certified Instructor, 2009 (Fully certified in all levels of Matwork, Reformer, Cadillac, Stability Chair, ArcBarrel, Spine Corrector and Ladder Barrel) and has a B.Sc. in Science.

Kamal has explored her passion for fitness and health through years of traveling with her army officer father and participating in various sports. From her mother Kamal learned the benefits of yoga and meditation. Her discovery of Pilates lead to her natural progression to become a certified Pilates Trainer.

She applies Pilates training techniques STOTT PILATES®, Post Rehab and Yoga to her practice. These approaches combine Pilates with five basic principles of modern exercise science; address a broad range of physical challenges among the clients and Yoga. Kamal stays current with new developments in the field through workshops and is specializing in Rehabilitation.

Kamal is passionate about nutrition, and is a vegetarian cook and knows the importance of living a conscious life and taking a well-rounded approach to health and fitness.

She draws her knowledge of anatomy, movement, and fitness skills to provide Pilates programs to suit any age. She enjoys working with men and women of all ages; she loves to see what one can pull out of them-self while on their own journey through Pilates.

As an instructor she tries to encorage a message of bringing total body balance and awareness into every day to assist in creating a long, active, happy and healthy life.

Kamal is dedicated to personalizing exercise programs to help each client reach their full potential in the studio and carry those skills over to everyday activities and sports.

Kaur Pilates' mission is to bring the benefits
of Pilates to everyone regardless of age, physical condition or underlying
health concerns. Kaur Pilates will customize your Pilates sessions to suit your specific areas of concern.

We specialize in Client Based Pilates Sessions. Your lesson will be tailored to meet your needs and abilities: whether you haven’t exercised, have limited mobility or are injured, are an athlete who needs to work on flexibility, a person who is suffering the stresses of everyday, or just don’t like public classes. We will come right to your home, place of business or other favourite location with a session designed to improve your health and enrich your life.

"Kamal is a gifted teacher and I enjoy and look forward to each session with her. I have participated in a number of pilates courses, group and private, in the Beaches area. I have learned more about my body, about isolating and focusing on my core muscles and letting the rest of me relax, in just a few sessions with Kamal than in all the sessions with others combined. She very easily adapts the group exercises to suit my and other’s physical condition. Her fun nature and gentle encouragement inspire me to experience and learn more. Most importantly, I can feel the difference as I walk down the street and go about my daily life activities. That speaks for itself! I am thankful for Kamal."
- Nancy, Toronto